AMESVI History

This Association was formed in order to address the expressed needs of teachers and mobility instructors of students with visual impairments in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We serve a low-incidence population and frequently work in relative isolation from others in our profession. The need for organization has long been felt as a means to provide both a voice in policy making and a network of support to members of our profession in the Commonwealth.

As a network, the Association can address the following:

      • identify members’ needs for professional development and assist in meeting those needs
      • identify people with experience and expertise in particular subject areas to be used as resources
      • inform members of new ideas in the areas of assessment, curriculum, and service provision
      • establish a computer network or create local “talk groups” for sharing information
      • produce a newsletter
      • inform members of legislative and policy changes which will affect our students and our profession
      • seek funding for programs that support the mission of the Association

As a voice for teachers, the Association can address the following:

  • propose statewide standards and advocate for quality services for all students with visual impairments in the Commonwealth
  • work to ensure that the unique educational needs of our students are considered in the implementation of state and national education reform efforts: e.g. the Massachusetts Education Reform Act and Goals 2000
  • promote, on the state and local levels, national efforts to improve the standards for educating students with visual impairments: e.g. the National Agenda and the Expanded Core Curriculum
  • advocate on behalf of our students and ourselves for passage of laws and policy changes which we view to be beneficial
  • respond to legislative actions or educational decisions which have a potential impact on the needs of our students
  • interact effectively with other agencies, schools, and organizations in the Commonwealth whose interests also focus on students with visual impairments

The Bylaws of the Association of Massachusetts Educators of Students with Visual Impairments shall be interpreted in a manner to further the above stated purposes of the organization. Adopted: April 5, 1997

The AMESVI 4/1/11 By-laws
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