TVI Resources
This page is intended for Teachers of the Visually Impaired and we have included information that will be helpful for parents, students, and school systems. You will find everything starting with the roles and responsibilities of the TVI, to testing resources (PSAT, SAT, MCAS), IEP goal samples and ideas, and more.

O&M Resources
This page is intended for Orientation and Mobility Specialists and we have included information that will be helpful for visually impaired folks of all ages, parents, students, and school systems. Resources include current topics such as White Cane Day, Quiet Cars, Carfree Boston, as well as assessment and guideline resources.

Family and Student Resources
Do not miss this page! We have compiled a great number of resources to share with you. Resources include camp and career for kids, education for parents, transition for young adults, and everything college related.

Recreation Resources
Online games to outdoor adventures, and everything in between! If you don’t have enough hobbies this is the place to look. We’ve included information that will be useful for all ages and abilities.

Grant Resources
Lions Club information

Assistive Technology
What’s available and how to get it. There are many resources available to help meet your needs. This includes loan program resources, and buying, selling, trading, and more.

The Law
DOJ and DOE joint guidance issued November 2014

Today, DOJ Civil Rights Division and DOE OCR and Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services issued joint guidance about the rights of public elementary and secondary students with hearing, vision or speech disabilities to effective communication. The guidance includes a letter to educators, a Frequently Asked Questions document, and a summary Fact Sheet. It is intended to help schools, parents, and others understand schools’ obligations under Federal law to meet the communication needs of students with disabilities.

May 2014

Joe McCormick, a Harvard senior who is legally blind. Read about his Beep Baseball abilities but most of all his determination living life in general.

October 2014
Blind oceanographer who works at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, one of the most highly respected marine science labs in the world, alongside her sighted colleagues.


Marla Runyan, Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) and Olympic athlete walks us through her experience as a child with a visual impairment and the impact of the TVI in her education. As a TVI herself, Marla discuss the importance of making the curriculum not only accessible but also meaningful for the child with a visual impairment.


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