Ellen Meets The ‘Two Blind Brothers’ Creating A Fashion Line To Help People Like Them – A

Claire Peltier
January 4, 2017

In a recent interview on The Ellen Show, Bradford and Bryan Manning spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about their brand Two Blind Brothers, a collection of apparel where 100 percent of the proceeds go towards research to cure blindness.

At a young age, Bradford and Bryan Manning were diagnosed with a type of macular degeneration called Stargardt Disease, an eye disease that causes blindness over time. It is difficult to track because doctors cannot pinpoint how quickly one loses their vision.

This condition has inspired a special vigilance for details, a passion that carries over into the construction of their clothing line,” it says on the brothers’ website.

In their interview with DeGeneres, they explain how their clothing line was sparked by a shopping trip where they bought the same shirt based on its softness: “We realized in that moment that, you know, even though we have our visual impairment, it’s given us this gift of [experiencing] the world through touch. We thought that would be an incredible way to try and give back,” he says.

And their clothes certainly feel good to the touch — they are  made from ultra-soft fabrics like premium bamboo and cotton.

At the end of the interview, DeGeneres and Shutterfly surprise the brothers with a check for $30,000 to further their mission, and their reactions are caught on camera.

You can check out the full interview below for more:

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