Ipad apps and Websites for older students with CVI January 2015

The Digital Lightbox Artwork (DLBA) files CAN be used with an iPad. They are not “packaged” as such by APH so they may tell you that they are not for the iPad. The DLBA files are standard computer images in PNG format. The files can be transferred from computer to iPad a number of ways:

Dropbox, iTunes, the Apple camera connection adapter, etc. Once you have the images on your iPad you can incorporate them into a number of different types of activities. For example, use Book Creator to make simple stories, illustrating them with the DLBA. Use keynote to make cause & effect activities or make them with PowerPoint and transfer to iPad through Dropbox. Basically you could use them with any app that allows you to insert your own pictures. Wendy L. Buckley, M.Ed.; Ed.S.

From other AMESVI members:

 -I have used the sensory lite box app and the magic fingers app (this one looks a little childish on the front) but both have a large variety of visual stimuli with various sounds-I believe you can also take the sounds out altogether.   Lisa Miller

-I once attended a conference presentation by staff from Priory Woods and they had some ideas for older students which attempted to be more age-appropriate. Here’s one of their current web pages:

-Would making custom iPad books with simple photos and motivating sounds work for this student?   Pictello or Book Creator 

Laura Koester, MS Ed