Welcome to the Website of the Association of Massachusetts Educators of Students with Visual Impairments (AMESVI). We are celebrating our 20th year as an association of professionals who work with students with vision impairments. Our goal is to improve and enrich the lives of students with visual impairments through advocacy, professional development, and the education of others, including members of the general public, regarding the unique educational needs of students with visual impairments. We hope you find this website useful. If you have any questions about AMESVI please email a member of the Board. For comments or questions about the website, please contact Josee Klentak at websitecoordinator@amesvi.org

The 2017-2018 Board Members are:

President: Tom Miller | President@amesvi.org
Past President: Lisa Jacobs| PastPresident@amesvi.org
President Elect: Michelle Antinarelli  | president-elect@amesvi.org
Treasurer: Joan Pierce | Treasurer@amesvi.org
Recording Secretary: Nita Rossow| recording_secretary@amesvi.org

Corresponding Secretary: Eileen Curran | corresponding_secretary@amesvi.org
Western MA Rep: Mary Chevalier | westernMA-rep@amesvi.org
Central MA Rep: Kristen Clark | centralMA-rep@amesvi.org
Greater Boston Rep: vacant position 
Greater Boston Rep: vacant position 
Northeast Rep: Pamela Sudore | northeast-rep@amesvi.org
So.Shore/Cape: Laura Bozeman | so.shoreCape-rep@amesvi.org
Conference Chair: Meg Robertson | conferencechair@amesvi.org
Website Coordinator: Josee Klentak | websitecoordinator@amesvi.org

Listserve Manager: Eileen Curran | listservemanager@amesvi.org